Justin Bieber Praises Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber @ okmagazine.com
Appearances of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at the Q102 Jingle Ball event on Thursday (9 / 12) it is intended for the audience screaming hysterically. But what happened several hours earlier may make them more hysterical again.

The reason, they had time to stop by the International House of Pancakes for breakfast, just the two! And most surprising, when out of the IHOP, Justin and Selena caught holding hands.

Before you get out of this pancake restaurant, they had seen quite cordial and mutually spoiled while sitting side by side. Although there is still no official statement on this incident, proved the two are holding hands.

Genesis is the burning issue of Bieber lover. Previously, Bieber reportedly close to Jasmine Villegas. Bieber Villegas was caught kissing in the back seat of a car, also took a vacation to Hawaii. About this incident, Justin just respond by relaxing by calling it as'ordinary kiss'.

As for the case of Selena, they always claimed not dating, although Selena once admitted that her 'love Justin Bieber and will do anything for him'. Bieber also had praise Selena himself by stating that this girl is beautiful and adorable.

Plus, could blaze that Justin song, entitled Latin Girl is intended for one of two Latin-blooded girls of this. Which one of the selected dong Justin? Make up your mind, boy! (ace / mae)

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