Chris Brown will duet with Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber at White House. Photo by AP  
R & B singer Chris Brown will duet with teen pop star Justin Bieber in a song. website reported late last year.

Bieber hinted unlikely duet with Brown since October last year. He wrote on Twitter, "I am very happy. For the new single, I will collaborate with one of my friend and an artist that I ever sang the song on YouTube. "

Then a Canadian singer is singing the song's video put Brown, With You.

Chris Brown

Meanwhile, Chris Brown announced a collaboration with 16-year-old singer was via Twitter on December 25 yesterday.

He wrote in a Twitter account: "Me and Justin Bieber have a duet song for all the fans this year 2011."

Collaboration will be published in next Bieber album.

This could be a good move for Brown, who was trying to get up after his downfall following the violent incidents that involve him and singer Rihanna. This year, Brown will also release a new album titled FAME.

Cr: VOA Indonesia
Translated by @popJBi

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