Justin Bieber Spent $750 For His Hair

Justin Bieber
For some people, having a cool haircut and style is important. Especially for a singer who was idolized many women like Justin Bieber.

Since the song booming among teenagers around the world, Justin is always in the spotlight. Includes haircut.

Hair Style 16-year-old singer was suddenly popular and widely imitated fans. How much does a haircut cost Justin Bieber?

As reported by Life & Style magazine, Sunday (01/23/2011), Justin spent the money of U.S. $ 750 or is currently approximately USD 6.8 million for one time shaving. Usually she calls her hair stylist to the house.

"I shave his head every two weeks when he was touring," said the hairdresser, Vanessa Price. Vanessa did not expect haircuts chanter 'Baby' had become so popular.

"We're very surprised by so many people who care about someone's hair," he added.

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