Justin Bieber's Angry, his room was infiltrated by Fans

LOS ANGELES - Justin Bieber fans dressed like a cleaning service to get into the hotel room where Justin stayed during a concert in Liverpool.

The singer of 17 years was very angry when two fans, each aged 16 and 18 years old, was found to be in his suite at the Hard Days Night Hotel.

Apparently, both the young who was idolized penembang Baby was stolen uniform cleaning service in order to meet their idol. Shortly before Justin away, they could take pictures of beds and rooms.

"The hotel is flooded with the fans. All are desperate to see Justin in person, except these two girls. They are really desperate in the guise of cleaning service and sneak in," the source said, quoted by Femalefirst, Wednesday (16/03/2011) .

By saying 'janitor' from behind the door of the hotel, Justin and then opened the door for them. They entered freely and pretend to clean the dust. However, after the two girls are told who they are to Justin, the young singer was very angry and straight away. (ang)

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