Robert Pattinson: Justin Bieber is a Liar!

Robert Pattinson. Photo: Ist.
LOS ANGELES - Robert Pattinson pointed to Justin Bieber is a big braggart. Justin Robert has denied recognition that claims to have chatted with him.

Justin had said as if to meet with Robert, and involved conversations about hairdressing.

"One day Robert Pattinson came to me at a party and said, 'For whatever reason, people love our hair and it has always been a trick of telling to approach women'," said Robert imitating words Justin.

"He seems to speak, 'Hey my name is Robert. Want to touch my hair?'. I thought he was joking, but it did the trick right,"added Rob Showbizspy quoted on Tuesday (22/03/2011).

Twilight movie star insists it never said that sentence. He even claimed to have never met the 17-year-old singer. "I have never met this person,"said Rob.

Beloved Kristen Stewart looks upset because his name dicatut Justin. "You famous people. But you do not need to use me to make up stories," Rob said sarcastically. (ang)

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