Beckham and Victoria want to name their baby 'Justin Bieber'

Victoria and David Beckham, was also hit by the virus Bieber. Romeo, their son also wanted to give the name of his brother Justin Bieber.

According to Beckham as reported by The Sun, Saturday (03/02/2011), before Romeo does not know his sister is a female. However, even after knowing she wanted to give the name Bieber.

"When we first were told it would be a boy, Romeo said, what if Justin Bieber used as a name? And now we know the baby was female, but she still says, what if Justin Bieber Beckham?" British footballer explained.

Previously reported, Victoria also has found a name for the baby. Personnel 'Spice Girl' is like a child who will birth the end of 2011 with the name Luna.

Luna chosen because it has a meaning 'moon' in Spanish. The couple did more to choose names for their children with language Spanish smell like Romeo and Cruz.

David Beckham and Victoria were married on July 4, 1999. From the marriage they were blessed with three sons, namely Brokklyn Joseph, Romeo James and Cruz David.

So the name that will be selected which of the family? Do to the wishes of his wife, or even take part have a virus Bieber?

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